Home Prices Falling: How Much Have They Dropped in Your Ideal Neighborhood?

Home Prices Continue to Cool in 2023 Making It a Great Time To Buy

U.S. home prices dropped for a sixth month, down 2.7% from its peak in June. Good news for those home-buying hopefuls that have been on the fence. 

With competition easing and prices slowly declining, home sellers are more open to negotiating. This is a significant advantage for homebuyers!

While affordability remains challenging, homebuyers should be encouraged. The mortgage rates are slightly lower than where they were at the end of 2022, and homes lingering on the market are pushing sellers to resort to deeper discounts.

How far have they dropped in your ideal neighborhood? It's a good time to find out!

Every city and area varies as to how much home prices have declined. Talk to your realtor to see what's changed and secure your home financing today before rates increase!

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