The Hidden Costs of Renting with Pets—And Why You're Better Off Buying!

The Hidden Costs of Renting with Pets—And Why You're Better Off Buying!

Did you know that nearly 57% of American households have at least one pet? It turns out that our furry friends have a big say in the home-buying process these days.

According to some recent stats, a whopping 90% of pet owners say their pet's needs are crucial when picking a home. And get this, three-quarters of them would actually skip their dream home if it didn’t suit their pets!

So, What Drives a Pet Owner to Buy Instead of Rent?

It's often down to the hassle and extra costs of renting with pets. Between pet deposits and not-so-pet-friendly landlords, it can be tough. Owning a home reduces the pet parent's stress and can make for a more comfortable living environment for their pets.

What Makes a Home Ideal for Pets? Let’s Break It Down:

- Location, Location, Location: Just like everyone else, pet owners look for the best spots, but their focus? Places close to dog parks, vet clinics, and pet stores.

- Flooring That Forgives: Forget fancy carpets; pet lovers want durable, easy-to-clean floors. Think laminate or bamboo—anything that stands up to the occasional mess and doesn’t trap fur. When you own your home, you can change up the flooring as you desire.

- Special Cleanup Zones: Ever thought about a mudroom just for your dog? Even a laundry room can double as a pet care area. Having a dedicated space for washing muddy paws can be a game changer. 

- Enough Room to Roam: Particularly for dog owners, a decent backyard is gold. It’s not just about having space; it's about having safe, enclosed space where their pets can frolic freely.

- Smart Storage Solutions: You’d be surprised how much gear pets have. Finding a place with smart storage solutions for things like food dishes, litter boxes, and toys can make life a lot easier.

- Pet-Friendly Layouts: Homes that are easy to get around in, especially for older pets, are in demand. Single-level homes without stairs? Perfect for an aging dog.

Really, when you think about it, considering your pet when house hunting just makes sense. They’re part of the family, after all!

So, taking their needs into account keeps them happy and helps you zero in on a home that makes everyone’s life a bit easier. Want to explore your financing options to shop for a home that suits your family's needs? Contact us today to get started.

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