Tips For a Pet Friendly Living Space

Tips For a Pet Friendly Living Space

Creating a home that's a haven for both pets and people is an art that blends comfort and practicality. From the choice of fabrics to the type of flooring, each decision shapes not just the ambiance but also the ease of maintenance in our shared living spaces.

Crafting an environment where coziness meets durability becomes essential, ensuring our pets feel cherished while maintaining the integrity of our home.

Here's a guide on curating a snug and pet-friendly haven that harmonizes style with functionality.

• Choose soft and cozy fabrics, like ultra suede and chenille.

• Pick wallpaper, tile, or paint finishes that can withstand pet activity. Choosing commercial-grade wallpaper or high gloss paint will also make your walls easier to clean and maintain.

• Tile or luxury vinyl tile flooring works well with pets as it lasts longer and is less prone to absorb a pet's funky odor. Carpets and wood flooring can get damaged easily by pet urine. If you must have natural wood flooring, opt for more durable options such as bamboo, beech, or recycled teak.

• Use household cleaners that state they are safe for use around furry friends. Pets are just as sensitive to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as humans are.

As we navigate the nuances of pet-friendly home design, remember that a harmonious living space is one where our furry friends feel just as at home as we do—a space where wagging tails and contented purrs complement the warmth of a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

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